using data from

you can craft a multi-stop url like this:

On a mac, this will open in apple maps.

for actual addresses, spaces are needed (?) and are done as,%205205%20Woodlawn%20Dr,%20Little%20Rock,%20AR%20%2072205,%20United%20States&dirflg=d&saddr=Grand%20Ole%20Rv%20Resort,%20708%20N%20Main%20St,%20Goodlettsville,%20TN%20%2037072,%20United%20States

simple "+" characters seem to work for the "%20", spaces don't seem to be required, nor zip nor country nor commas. so,Little+Rock+AR&saddr=Grand+Ole+Rv+Resort,708+N+Main+St,Goodlettsville+TN

is a lot more legible